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Websites you may wish to visit


The Association of Scottish Philatelic Societies

Find your nearest stamp club here and details of our annual congress.

The Association of British Philatelic Societies.

Get information about philately and national events in the UK.

If your are interested in Scottish Postal History visit


If you live in the Lanarkshire area why not check out the Lanarkshire Philatelic Society

Great Britain

If you have an interest in GB - stamps and postal history - you may wish to click on some of these.

National Postal Museum of Great Britain

The R. M. Phillips collection of Great Britain

The British Library, Philatelic Collections [ holders of the National Philatelic Collections since 1891]:

The British Library Philatelic Rarities:

The Royal Philatelic Society London:

Tidbits of British Postal History .....  Just what it says                       

Great Britain Victorian Stamps ...... A collector's personal view of the stamps of Queen Victoria

The Postal History of Carrick  .......A local history web site featuring part of the collection of Tom Fowler

The British Postmark Society ..... If you have an Interest in Postmarks try here.    Victorian Postmarks - Russell Taylor    Lanarkshire Postal History - Terry Woods


World and Commonwealth websites

Universal Postal Union

A Custom Guide for Kids and Adults: Stamp Collecting and Philately! -


The Caledonian Philatelic Society has forged strong links with Le Cagou, the Philatelic Club for New Caledonia and the French Pacific. Their website is at

Jamaican history, news and events....... 



Trains on US stamps.......

Ships on Stamps......


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